Hi, we are the Purroys!

Well, we are Victoria and Marco, to be specific. But most people just know us as the Purroys. New York City is our home, we are married (mostly happily, but Marco still leaves random socks on the bedroom floor, so I'll get back to you later), and we have been working together for over 10 years!

We both grew up with a deep appreciation for the arts and found our place in the world of Theatre, Film and TV production. You'll always find us spending every second of "free time" in a theatre, the movies, attending a concert or the opera, visiting a museum or library. We are passionate about stories: hearing them, telling them, capturing them and sharing them.

We believe that high quality, authentic, precious photographs and videos shouldn't be reserved only for the big milestones.

We are the Photo and Video Team that wants to capture ALL your adventures. Yes, all of them. The big crazy celebrations, your passion project, your sister's surprise proposal and also your best friend's live music show and hey, your kids should probably be included in a few shots, right? We want to capture the wild and fun, the intimate, and all the moments in between.

Our many years of experience in the Arts and Entertainment and Social Events industry have prepared us for almost anything and everything, so there’s no project too small or too big for us, we love doing it all. And while we do work on wildly diverse projects at the same time, the common thread has always been the people in front on our lenses.

We love people.

We love people in love, people with huge ideas, people with wild dreams, people with kids, tiny people (aka. those kids) with big personalities, people with decades of stories to tell, people who support people, people with all kinds of backgrounds. But most importantly, we love kind, big hearted people.

People who go on adventures, every day of their lives.

Diversity and inclusivity and are at the very center of everything we do and everything we are. We are proud of our multicultural background (Venezuelans with Spanish and French roots) and love learning about our clients personal stories and journey. We always want our images and films to be authentic and representative of who YOU are, not a cookie cutter - seen it before version of what anyone else thinks your story should look like.

We believe in creating real and long lasting relationships with our clients and their loved ones, and there’s nothing that makes us happier than seeing their families grow, their businesses succeed and their craziest dreams come true. Let's be clear: you’re not just our clients, we want you to feel like we’ve been friends for years. We are our clients’ biggest cheerleaders, a calming presence, and the ones that always crack a joke to make the most serious of kids (or grooms!) laugh. We are ALWAYS there, but take pride in being non-intrusive.

You can’t be everywhere at once during your celebration, but WE CAN, and we will!

That's all great but... Are we a good match?

We are the perfect Photo and Video team for you if you...

Want every second captured in a very candid, documentary style. You don’t want too much fuss, and while taking beautiful portraits with your loved ones is very important to you, you also want to enjoy your events to the fullest. It works exactly the same for every type of event (yes, including very long and complex events like Weddings and Sweet 16) and even when it comes to sessions: We go over all details ahead of time, we cover all your needs and wants, and then you let go and enjoy your day, we capture every moment in all its magic and we go with the flow. Remember, your job is to have an amazing time and create memories with the people you love. Our job is making sure you’ll be able to relive all those memories for an eternity to come!

If this sounds exactly like what you are looking for in a Photo and Video team, contact us NOW! 

No, really, don’t waste another second, we are waiting to hear from you.



“Victoria and Marco work magic! They made us look so beautiful and totally captured the essence of us. They were the best to work with for our wedding and they had me crying again when I received my photos. These photos are so beautiful. The Purroys are amazing, their eye is so remarkable!”