Please Read This!

This is all important information to keep in mind!

If you have any questions or further information for us, please email us.

Ceremony Setup

We need to be at the ceremony location at least 30mins before the ceremony begins to be able to set up everything and be ready to go by the time you get there. And also capture a few decor details as well!

Keep it Clean

It's important to keep the "getting ready area" as "Clean" as possible, so let's try to keep all of the bride, bridesmaids and family members belongings in a specific area of the room that's not too visible (or even in a closet or the bathroom). Same applies to the Groom's getting ready area!

Details Matter

Remember to bring a nice hanger for all dresses, and have all accessories plus a copy of the invitation available for us to shoot as soon as we get there. We have our own kit of details to add to the shots of the accessories, but having a couple additional flowers always help us add a little something special to those shots.

Right Hand

It would be ideal to have someone in charge of helping us keep everyone involved in track to get those family/wedding party portraits done as quickly as possible so you can go back to your guests! The more organized we all are in this regard, the quickest the process is, so we always recommend having a superhero maid of honor, bridesmaid, sister etc assisting in this area.

Reception Decor

Please remember that we do need at least 30 minutes to capture the decor before guests walk in (in the case of the reception). 

We need To Know!

Let us know if there will be any other special moments during the ceremony or reception, including dances, toasts, entertainment, bouquet tossing, etc. So we can plan accordingly.

Your Guests Should Have Fun, Leave the Work to Us!

Please consider making your ceremony an "unplugged ceremony", this way guests are reminded to please be in the moment and not take any photos or videos with phones, ipads or cameras. It seems innocent enough but I can't tell you how many times ceremony photos are ruined because of having dozens of people with their phones out trying to take photos or videos. If that doesn't bother you then it's completely fine but if the professional photos and videos are important to you then please consider making it a priority to ask your guests to enjoy the moment and keep their phones, electronics and cameras away.

Also it's a good point to highlight that it's part of our current policies that no other professional flash photography is allowed. It's become way too common for some guests with professional equipment/cameras to bring their equipment and try to shoot the whole evening/night and it really impacts our work in many ways including the fact that their flashes can trigger ours, they are not used to working around the videographer or us so they appear in photos and videos where there usually wouldn't be a photographer/videographer in sight, and many other reasons. So we kindly recommend letting your guests know that you have hired professionals to capture this very special day for you and want them to attend the celebrations to enjoy themselves and not "work" the event.



“Victoria and Marco work magic! They made us look so beautiful and totally captured the essence of us. They were the best to work with for our wedding and they had me crying again when I received my photos. These photos are so beautiful. The Purroys are amazing, their eye is so remarkable!”